Schecter Van Nuys: 1983 the twilight year

as written by your host Rom. B.

1983 was the last year for the hit series MASH on TV, but it was also the final year for Van Nuys Schecter, but things actually were bustling with activity, Innovations, and Changes in the products themselves, let's look at them in detail.



The Monstertone Pickups

Contrary to popular belief, the Monstertone are not a Dallas creation, they were created in 1983, and appeared in the very rare 1983 Catalog see picture which I have scanned for you. They were a new type of pickup , a non tapped pickup with a low Ohm reading of 4 to 5k Ohm only, and a monster Ceramic Bar Magnet glued to the back of the pickup. the Bridge position model would also have an extra metal baseplate to goose up the sound even more so. Make no mistake: despite their low Ohm rating, they were loud and big sounding thanks to the Monster magnet. they actually are MY favorite sounding Schecer pickup. Big Creamy and Juicy sound with lots of Shimmer on top.

Aug 1983 schecter catalog showing the first appearance of the Monstertones.

Aug 1983 schecter catalog showing the first appearance of the Monstertones.

The Beuty .....


.... and The Beast !


Monstertone Brochure front


Monstertone Brochure back




The Strat Pickguards were always 8 Hole until 1983, where they started transitioning into 11 holes later in the year. See picture of my many New Old Stock Monstertone Pickup Assemblies, all of them from 1983, where you can see some getting the 11 hole comfiguration, while others remain 8 holes. So you will see both configurations in 1983.

schecter monstertone pickguard assemblies, new old stock

schecter monstertone pickguard assemblies, new old stock


in 1983 even under Van Nuys control before the Dallas takeover , we can see a change in the Schecter Branding: until then it had been the BURNED IN SCHECTER LOGO burnt in bodies and necks alike. However in 1983 a SCHECTER GUITAR RESEARCH STAMPED IN INK emerges and replaces the burned in logo. Rumors are The burner was failing. It didn't work many days early on too. Eventually it was destroyed I gather to prevent fakes, and a Stamp replaced it. See below many Van Nuys Parts with the 'then New' Ink Schecter Logo. the changes seem to happen approximately on Van Nuys body serials numbers 67XX and Above, and on Necks serials numbers 78XX and Above (they went all the way to 9xxx before the Dallas change in neck manufacture).


... and 22 FRET NECKS !

22 fRET VAN NUYS NECKS You Say? well yes indeed ! around the late 8xxx serial numbers, I have seen several Van Nuys built 22 FRET necks with skunk stripe and all in the late 8500-9000 serial number range ! I have personally seen at least 4 of those. I will look for pictures and post them here when I find them.